O2 launches new £20 a month iPhone tariff

News Mat Toor 15:47, 5 Jan 2010

O2 has quietly rolled out a new SIM-only £20 tariff for existing iPhone owners who have reached the end of their contract - or new customers who already have an iPhone

O2 has just launched a new SIM-only tariff for iPhone users who have reached the end of their contract or new customers who already own an iPhone.

The tariff, dubbed 'Simplicity 20 for iPhone', costs just £20 per month compared with the standard O2 iPhone deals that start from £35 per month.

Existing O2 iPhone users who switch to Simplicity will get the following for their monthly fee:

  • 30-day rolling contract
  • 600 minutes
  • 1200 text messages
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Unlimited web & Wi-Fi

That actually gives you 100 more texts and the same amount of talk time as the standard O2 iPhone £35 per month tariff.

It also means that if you are dead set on upgrading to the new iPhone due later this year you don't have to commit to a new extended contract before it comes out.

If you are a new O2 customer bringing your own iPhone then the deal is slightly different. You get 800 minutes, 1600 texts and the unlimited web bolt-on. You don't get the Visual Voicemail or access to the BT Openzone or The Cloud wi-fi networks.

There is a catch however. The new Simplicity 20 deal is not being sold in O2 stores. The best way to get onto it is to call O2 directly and ask to be put through to the retentions department (many of the standard sales people are unaware of it according to the O2 discussion group.)

This looks like a smart move from O2 which has suffered a lot of bad press lately for its 3G data coverage and iPhone support. And the prospect of upgrading to the 4th Generation iPhone this summer could keep a lot of people on board until they commit to another long-term contract. Whether that will be with O2 is another matter though...

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