12-megapixel camera phone just around the corner?

News Ben Woods 04:47, 15 Jan 2009

Sharp has unveiled a massive 12-megapixel sensor for camera phones that could be ready for full-scale production by March 2009

A 12-megapixel sensor from Sharp will be available to mobile manufacturers by the beginning of February and could go into full production as early as the end of March this year.

When Sharp do achieve full manufacturing capacity it will be providing customers with up to 300,000 sensors each month, whilst apparently offering “the highest performance in the industry”.

The Sharp sensor follows news of Sony's own 12-megapixel monster sensor for mobiles, which means that the handset megapixel-wars will be reaching ever greater heights very soon indeed.

So who's going to get there first? Sony Ericsson? Samsung? Nokia? Time will tell...

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

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What a waste. Unless they improve the lens significantly, all you'll see more is the imperfections in the lens.&#13
And of course they can charge you for more memory, or for on-line storage.

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