Nokia 6280 camera samples

Reviews 14:23, 27 Apr 2007

The Nokia 6280's 2-megapixel camera is high on resolutions but not so hot on colour. Take a look at our sample photos

The Nokia 6280 's 2-megapixel camera makes the most of the phone's big screen, and pressing the camera button on the side of the phone presents you with a viewfinder the size of any modest digital camera. The camera button then becomes the capture key, so you can take photos quickly and easily.

The camera captures images from 1600x1200 right down to 160x120, and out of doors the definition is good, although in overcast conditions colours can look washed out. You can adjust the white balance setting according to the conditions before you take the shot, however.

As with many phone cameras, indoor shots are not so good – the LED ‘flash’ is largely ineffective and the Night mode is just a slow exposure that requires very steady hands to work effectively.

The video capture resolution of 640x480 is also one of the highest available, and the quality of both video and sound is excellent. The capture resolution drops to a more manageable 128x96 if sharing videos and photos by MMS is your thing.

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