Microsoft to add more tablets and smartphones to Surface range?

News Clare Hopping 08:03, 25 Jan 2013

Microsoft is set to add more devices to its Surface range of tablets and rumours suggest smartphones will be added too

Microsoft could be set to add more devices to its range of Surface tablets.

So far, only the Microsoft Surface RT and Microsoft Surface Pro have been announced by the tech giant, but the company has now said it wants to broaden the range.

Chief financial officer of Microsoft, Peter Klein, said at the company's second quarter earnings call, 'We had limited distribution this quarter in our stores and we're excited about expanding that [distribution]," he said, responding to an analyst's question.

'We're going to expand geographically, we're going to expand the product lineup, we're going to expand retail distribution and capacity.'

Although the Microsoft big wig didn't share any further details about what the company is planning, rumours have recently been circulating that Microsoft could be looking to introduce a Surface phone on top of its tablet range.

The company also says it will support Microsoft Surface slates with regular updates until 2017, which will be encouraging for some users.

Other information shared in Microsoft's earning call, was that the Surface had contributed to revenue, although wouldn't comment on sales or shipments, only wishing to reiterate that distribution had been limited in 2012.

Analysts are reporting Surface sales figures are around the one million mark, although Klein refused to comment.

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