Nvidia’s Tegra 4 gets official, said to be ‘world’s fastest…’

News 05:11, 7 Jan 2013

Nvidia has launched the Tegra 4, its fastest processor yet, loading 25 web pages in 27 seconds and can process HDR video live

Nvidia has launched the Tegra 4, which it claims is the world's fastest mobile processor yet.

During the launch, Nvidia said that devices carrying a Tegra 4 processor will load 25 websites in 27 seconds, compared to 50 seconds on the Nexus 10.

Tegra 4-powered devices, according to Nvidia, will beat both the iPad 4 and Google's Nexus 10 in a range of benchmarking tests. 

The Tegra 4 features 72 GPU cores, something that will dramatically aid its imagining abilities. So it's not just about raw speed and advanced console-like gaming. 

To give some perspective, the iPhone takes two seconds to process an HDR photo. Tegra 4 is instant and can even run in live video. Also, it only takes one shot to produce an HDR photo.

The Tegra 4 chipset, however, does not support LTE on-die like Qualcomm's competing S4 system-on-a-chip. That means if you want a device with a Tegra 4 CPU, it's going to have to be LTE enabled by the manufacturer.  

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