iPhone 5S to feature new ‘touch-on’ display

News Richard Goodwin 09:17, 4 Jan 2013

The iPhone 5S’s display will be constructed from a different type of screen technology, according to reports from inside China

Apple is said to be switching display technologies and suppliers inside its upcoming iPhone 5S.

The new screen technology, according to The China Times, could be based on ‘touch-on display’ technology from Taiwanese manufacturer, Chimei Innolux.

Supply of the iPhone 5 has been stifled by production woes ever since Apple first released the handset back in Q3 2012.

‘It has been reported that the panel’s in-cell touch technology, says BGR, which allows for a thinner design by combining the touch sensor and display into one panel, has been causing interference problems with the touchscreen and is also part of the reason behind recent supply shortages.’

Touch-on display technology is apparently extremely thin and offers better touchscreen responsiveness. Not much else is known about the technology, but Know Your Mobile has reached out to Chimei Innolux for comment.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S, which is tipped to come in a variety of colours, sometime in June.

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