Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor to bring 6x the power of Tegra 3

News Richard Goodwin 15:55, 18 Dec 2012

Details regarding Nvidia’s Tegra 4 mobile processor have leaked online, sources claims it has 6x the power of Tegra 3 plus better power efficiency

Watch out Qualcomm, Nvidia is busy prepping its next-generation mobile processor. Known as the Tegra 4, it’s said to have 6x the power of the Tegra 3 and improved power efficiency.

Details about the next-gen mobile processor emerged online earlier today via Chinese site Chiphell. Said to be codenamed Wayne, the Tegra 4 processor is said to feature a 4-plus-1 battery saving quad-core design similar to the one currently used aboard Tegra 3 processors.

‘The design is based on a 28nm manufacturing process, which is more power efficient than the 40nm design used in the current Tegra 3, and on par with Qualcomm’s S4 mobile processors,’ claims Tech Crunch.

However it’s in the graphics department that Nvidia is really spicing things up. According to the leak, the company’s Tegra 4 processor will boast six times the graphics processing capabilities of the Tegra 3 and twenty times that of the Tegra 2.

Video playback at a resolution of 2560x1440, USB 3.0, and high-speed HDMI connections will all be supported inside the new mobile processor, according to the source. If true this would bring Nvidia’s next-gen proposition well in-line with Qualcomm’s market-leading S4 Pro.

The only thing missing, according to the leak, is support for LTE – something Qualcomm has already well and truly nailed aboard its S4 chipsets. To be truly competitive with the market-leader, Nvidia will need a robust solution for how it tackles LTE going forwards. 4G is a reality that can no longer be ignored – even in the UK.

There’s no word on a release date for the processor, but we’d expect to see it on market by Q2 2013. Nvidia has apparently been working on Project Wayne since last February. Perhaps we’ll see a launch at CES 2013?

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