Orange to secure Android phones using Lookout in 2013

News Basil Kronfli 08:42, 4 Dec 2012

Orange and Lookout have just announced a partnership which will see the security app pre-installed on Orange devices in the UK and other European countries

Orange has just announced a partnership with Lookout, the Android security app, seeing Lookout Mobile Security pre-installed on Android devices sold on Orange in the UK, France, Spain and Slovakia.

The fruits of this partnership will be appearing on new UK Orange phones early in the year, with the app available through the Google Play Store right now.

The Lookout app is a very smart bit of kit, so we’re not surprised it’s been snapped up by a major network.

For starters, the free version of the software can locate a phone that’s been lost or stolen and backup your contacts, not to mention protect against malware.

If you opt for the premium version of Lookout which costs £1.99 per month, then you can expect photo and call history backup, remote locking and wiping of your lost phone as well as a privacy advisor. 

Locating approximately £4.47m worth of phones every day - the software is currently installed on more than 25 million devices around the world and this partnership will only see that number grow. This popularity coupled with the app’s 4.5/5 star Google Play Store rating should give you peace of mind that Lookout will indeed, do much the same. 

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