Microsoft Surface Pro only has four hour battery

News Paul Briden 17:36, 30 Nov 2012

The Surface Pro will only last four hours, according to Microsoft

Microsoft’s Surface Pro will only last four hours on a single charge, according to the company’s responses to questions on Twitter.

Microsoft is allegedly pushing forward with the Surface Pro, the version of its hybrid tablet which runs Windows 8, following lacklustre sales of the Windows RT-based Surface RT.

However, despite costing more money and generally being more versatile it seems the full-fat version of Microsoft’s transforming tablet will only sport a relatively low-lifespan battery.

Responding to questions on Twitter, Microsoft said: ‘Surface Pro will have approximately half the battery life of Surface RT.’

Like the iPad, the Surface RT has a battery life of around eight to nine hours.

The Surface Pro will apparently be more power hungry owing to the use of a more powerful Intel Core i5 processor and a higher resolution HD display.

Microsoft has announced US pricing for the Surface Pro but hasn’t yet revealed a release date. Some reports which appear to originate in China suggest it will land in December.

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