Microsoft launches official Outlook app for Android

News Richard Goodwin 11:13, 28 Nov 2012

Microsoft has released an official Outlook application for Android

Microsoft has officially launched an Outlook email application for Android, which features push notifications, sync, and calendar. 

Microsoft’s email service now has over 25 million users, so a fully-fledged Android application is well overdue. Going head-to-head with Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook is positioned as an alternative for users that might be starting to tire of Gmail. 

As part of an on-going push to get Gmail users to switch to Outlook, Microsoft is on an all-out offensive and claims its way of doing things provides way more functionality than Gmail. Key features, according to Microsoft, are as follows: 

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: customers can choose to set up keyboard shortcuts in to mirror the shortcuts in the Outlook desktop app, Gmail and others.
  • Quick access to search operators: quickly find mail by clicking "/" and then using "To:", "Subj:", etc.
  • Tab/Send: rapidly send messages by clicking the "tab" key from the compose window to automatically shifts focus to the "Send" button
  • Conversation threading: you can also optionally turn on conversation threading (i.e. the ability to see all responses in a conversation via just one view).

Microsoft claims Android devices ‘aren't consistent in their native support for Exchange ActiveSync,’ which is why it has now launched for Android. 

Check out the application in Google’s Play store. 

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