Microsoft admits Windows Phone 8 needs a notification hub

News Paul Briden 11:29, 2 Nov 2012

Microsoft wanted to add a notifications centre to Windows Phone 8 but 'ran out of time', according to a the platform's program manager

Microsoft intended to add a notifications centre to Windows Phone 8 but ‘ran out of time’, according to Thomas Fennel, Program Manager for Windows Phone.

Currently most information feeds on Windows Phone come from the Live Tile app icons themselves, though when a new message or notification does arrive a drop down bar appears at the top.

Unlike iOS and Android, however, this isn’t expandable into a notifications centre and it has struck many as an odd omission considering the ubiquity of such a feature in competing platforms.

Speaking at Microsoft’s Build event, Fennel indicated the company wanted to include a notifications centre for feeding app alerts to the user in one place, but was unable to do so due to the apparent tightness of the development and release schedule.

He suggested the company still had plans to introduce such functionality, though didn’t indicate whether this would occur in an incremental update or if it would wait until Windows Phone 9.

‘It’s very important to me,’ said Fennel, ‘we get tons of feedback from developers that they want something like that as well.’

‘I promise we’re thinking very, very hard on that one,’ he added.

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