'Accident prone' Brits most likely to break smartphones

News Ben Griffin 12:08, 24 Jul 2012

British employee clumsiness with gadgets costs UK businesses £1 billion a year, a survey has claimed

Dropping your work phone, tablet or other electronic device given to you by your employer isn't just annoying - it's apparently costing UK businesses £1 billion a year.

This is according to a survey by Plastic Logic, which looked at 1,001 office workers in the UK and just how clumsy they are.

Smartphones came out as the gadget most likely to suffer an early death, representing 63 per cent of damaged devices. Much less likely to break, at ten per cent, are tablet PCs like the iPad.

The survey also looked at where the clumsiest workers congregate. According to the results, Glasgow came out on top, with nearly 40 per cent of employees claiming they have broken an electronic device at work.

Workers with the safest hands came from Plymouth - only ten per cent needed to explain how their laptop came to end up at the bottom of a fish tank.

Interestingly, youthful workers, who not so long ago had to play sport at school (aged 16-24), were nearly twice as likely to break an electronic device at work than those aged 35-44, and three times as likely than workers aged 45 and above.

Popular ways to break your phone, tablet or laptop include accidental drops (26 per cent), sitting on them (14 per cent) and even dropping them into mugs of coffee or tea (11 per cent).

So what can we do to stop being such a drain on company resources with our ham-fisted ways? Apart from coordination lessons or wearing our phone around our neck, CEO of Plastic Logic Indro Mukerjee believes devices should be made from better materials.

'In today’s economic times, British businesses simply cannot afford repeated breakages of expensive electronic devices and the subsequent impact on employee productivity... This research shows a clear need for work devices to become more robust and better able to survive the clumsy actions of their owners,' he said.

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