ZTE to ship 40 million handsets in 2012

News Paul Briden 11:43, 4 Apr 2012

ZTE and Huawei could ship as many as 100 million devices this year, according to reports

ZTE could ship as many as 40 million smartphones this year up from 10 million in 2011, according to component suppliers.

DigiTimes reports that sources from Taiwan based component manufacturers have talked about how ZTE has set an ‘internal' target of 40 million handsets to ship for 2012.

Meanwhile Huawei is expected to aim for 60 million. Between the two China-based manufacturers the sources note they will account for around 15 per cent of the global smartphone market share for the year at between 95 and 100 million handsets shipped.

DigiTimes also reported that Chinese analyst site hqew.com has predicted Huawei will ship 57 million handsets while ZTE will achieve 37 million in the year ahead.

While DigiTimes can be a bit hit-and-miss, the possibility of these Chinese manufacturers achieving such figures isn't too far fetched considering the hardware each of them brought to Mobile World Congress in February.

Huawei's Diamond range of smartphones is particularly impressive and benchmark tests from the Ascend D Quad XL, which features the company's own K3V2 quad core processor architecture, show that it can outperform much of the competition.

ZTE, meanwhile, has the Era, which is a viable alternative to HTC's One handsets, being similarly specced to a high standard.

Notably in the case of both manufacturers the new devices are bringing Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich build which is sure to make them competitive with more established brands.

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