Microsoft developing bonkers Xbox and Windows Phone headsets

News Richard Goodwin 10:39, 20 Mar 2012

Microsoft has secured patents for two sets of eyewear that are designed for use on its Xbox gaming consoles and Windows Phone devices

Microsoft is officially working on some rather bizarre headwear for use with its Windows Phone and Xbox devices, according to newly released patent filings.

The new patent, which was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, revealed that the company is working on two types of headsets for its Xbox and Windows Phone platforms, according to PatentBolt.

The patent details two distinct headsets: one is a gaming helmet, presumably for use with the Xbox console, and the other is a set of glasses, which will be used in conjunction with a Windows Phone device.

We’d assume that the helmet and glasses would bring some kind of 3D-type-augmented-reality-features to Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows Phone gaming platforms.

Microsoft claims that it now has the technology to bring compact display systems to helmets, goggles, and other eyewear, which are capable of displaying images from a PC, media player or gaming console.

When adapted to display two different images concurrently – one for each eye – the system may be used for stereoscopic display (e.g., virtual-reality) applications, says PatentBolt.

One key issue facing technology like this is that the human eye cannot focus on images that are too close – everything becomes blurred. Microsoft has a work around for this though, apparently, via a technology it calls a virtual-image projector.

Click here to read the full patent filing.

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