MWC 2012: Doro unveils PhoneEasy 740 smartphone

News 13:20, 27 Feb 2012

Doro has announced its entry into the smartphone market with the PhoneEasy 740

Doro, known for producing easy-to-use mobile phone handsets, particularly those aimed at making mobiles easier for elderly or disabled users, has now announced its first smartphone, the Doro PhoneEasy 740.

The PhoneEasy 740 is an Android powered slider phone with full 3G capability and features Doro's new ‘Doro Experience' interface, which aims to make smartphones as easy-to-use and straightforward as possible.

The device also features both a touchscreen and a large, well-spaced keypad.

Doro explained the new interface in a press release, saying it will provide a ‘fuss-free experience with well-spaced, large and clear application icons'.

‘Doro has taken its extensive knowledge of the senior mobile user and applied this to the world of applications and smart devices. This is part of a clear strategy from the company to help bridge the digital divide faced by seniors around the world,' the company said.

The Doro Experience package also includes ‘Doro Selection', which is a specially tailored app store containing apps hand-picked by Doro for their suitability for seniors.

Alongside this there's also the ‘Doro Experience Manager', a web-based management portal which allows the user and their family to remotely manage content and applications stored on the handset via cloud technology.

Doro said: ‘Thanks to this cloud-based technology, digital content including photos and applications can now seamlessly be pushed onto or removed from the device.'

‘This service has purposely been developed by Doro to reduce isolation and to improve communication between generations,' it added.

Jerome Arnaud, CEO at Doro said: ‘This week is a milestone in our story.  The Doro Experience is a significant step forward in the direction of our offering.  We continue to adapt to the evolving needs of the senior audience, which is overall becoming more tech savvy.'

‘After the development of our 3G feature phones, the Doro Experience is another innovation which further expands the accessible mobile market among seniors,' he added.

The Doro PhoneEasy 740 will be launched worldwide in Summer 2012.

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