Google Docs on Android updated with live editing

News Ben Griffin 09:27, 24 Feb 2012

The Android app version of Google Docs will now allow you to edit documents on the go

Good news for the Google Docs app on Android. You can now edit documents from your smartphone, and collaboratively, too.

Yes, Google Docs in app form is now actually rather useful for those of you who prefer not to pay for your word processing and spreadsheet capabilities and like everything to be stored in the cloud.

Considering the offline functionality added in the last update,  Google has clearly been listening to its users who have been moaning about the lack of both features for quite some time (us included).

Other revisions include new text formatting and layout tools for getting your documents just right, a revised user-interface and the resolution has been improved to aid with zooming in on documents. Nobody likes seeing pixels, after all.

Google Docs for Android can be downloaded now from the Android Market for free. If you already have it, just run the update to get the new functionality.

Source: Life Of Android

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