Fujitsu will hit Europe with a ‘wide range’ of devices

News 13:50, 20 Feb 2012

Fujitsu has its sights set on Europe with a range of devices allegedly lined up

A report from the Financial Times claims Fujitsu will be launching a ‘wide range of smartphones and tablets' for the European market and it seems likely the company could bring a number of these to Mobile World Congress (MWC) this month.

In January we saw the company's waterproof Arrows tablet, running Android, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

We've since reported on a leaked Fujitsu roadmap which showed an Android tablet, possibly the Arrows, scheduled for June this year, along with a laptop/tablet hybrid for September, though this latter device's operating system isn't specified.

Finally, there's a Windows 8 tablet pegged for a vague ‘Q4' launch.

In addition, at CES Fujitsu showcased its quad core Android smartphone which is expected to make a more tangible return at MWC - at CES it was kept inside a glass case and no hands-on time was offered. The Arrows tablet is also expected to re-appear at MWC in Barcelona.

Apart from this it isn't clear what else Fujitsu might be planning and certainly if it has a range of smartphones lined-up we may have only seen the tip of the iceberg with the as-yet unnamed quad-core handset.

Much of Fujitsu's mobile device catalogue is only available in Japan, where the company also produces a range of Windows phone handsets. It's possible that it will be introducing its existing designs to the European market or it could be making a whole new batch of Euro-focused tech.

We'll be all eyes and ears at Mobile World Congress next week so be sure to check back for more Fujitsu news.

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