Leaked Fujitsu roadmap shows Q4 Windows 8 launch

News 11:46, 16 Feb 2012

A Fujitsu slide has dropped a fairly big hint that Windows 8 will launch in Q4 2012

A Fujitsu presentation slide has made its way online and shows the company's tablet and laptop roadmap for 2012, which includes a Windows 8 tablet planned for the fourth quarter.

The photo, leaked by Netbook Italia, shows an Android tablet arriving in June this year, which could be the ‘Arrows' tablet showcased at CES in January.

There's also a Transformer style tablet-laptop hybrid pegged for September, though it isn't clear what platform this device will be running.

The box at the end of the roadmap clearly shows a tablet-like device featuring Windows 8's Live Tile interface alongside the Microsoft Windows logo, a Q4 2012 label and a tag which reads ‘Win8 Launch'.

This may well ruffle a few feathers at Microsoft which has consistently avoided pinning any kind of release schedule, though rumours, allegedly from within the company, have hinted at a summer launch.

It's possible that this is simply an indication of when Fujitsu plans to launch its device running the Windows 8 platform and an earlier release from Microsoft could still be in the pipeline.

Of course we'd like Windows 8 to come out as soon as possible, but we have a feeling Fujitsu may have let the cat out the bag here and we're looking at much later in the year than we'd hoped for Microsoft's tablet and PC operating system to arrive.

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