Three for Free: Weight Loss Apps

User guides Spanner Spencer 16:27, 18 Jan 2012

Here is the best three free applications for weight loss

Blimey it's busy at the gym in January. The fitness industry is probably one of the few businesses (outside of making smartphone apps, of course) that dies in December but thrives in January.

We've all promised ourselves that we'll eat better and exercise more by the time the twelfth bell has rung on December 31st, but as the weeks tick by that promise seems increasingly unappealing.

So rather than take out a membership at the gym, or at Weight Watchers, that you're only going to use for three weeks and pay for over twelve months, perhaps a gander at these three free weight loss apps will help you to keep your New Year's promises a little while longer.

Probably not, but at least it's some degree of conscience relief if you at least make the appearance of trying.

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We remember when it was sugar that was the enemy, and then it was oil, fat, lard and the likes. Quite when carbohydrates became the dieter's nemesis, we're not sure, but that seems to be the case these days.

Protein+ is an app that offers a way to cut out the carbs and replace them with protein-rich foods that your body can then use to create muscle, rather than flab. The first thing you'll notice is the stark design, which gives Protein+ something of a no nonsense vibe, which is equally noticeable in its operation.

By tying into the information mega-highway Wolfram Alpha, Protein+ can determine the nutritional value of most any type of food you put into it. This info is then put to use in helping you to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself by keeping track of your dietary intake. Clean, simple and very clever.

Mindifi Hypnosis
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We've tested out this app, naturally, but it's hard to say whether it really works or not. We're going o have to rely on you, the punters, to give it a long and thorough test, so report back on your findings, please.

The notion here is to hypnotise you using a combination of binaural beast and neuro linguistic programming to alter your thought and behavioural patterns. Patterns such as eating ice cream straight from the tub, or ordering a battered sausage to eat while you're waiting for your fish and chips.

The science, according to the app, is solid, and listening to these whirly swirly ethereal sounds can have a direct effect on your brain and attitude. The app offers pleasing, wibbly noises and picturesque images to facilitate this autohypnosis therapy, which covers objectives beyond just weight loss.

So if you're depressed, fearful, stressed or in need of deep sleep, you might also want to give it a try as well as the fatties out there. No promises, but at least it's effortless.

Fitness at Work
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So we've covered your dietary adjustments and tampered with the part of your brain that makes you crave sweets. Now you need to do some exercise, and your New Year's resolutions are covered for another eleven or so months.

Fitness at Work is actually a great way to placate your conscience without taking a bite out of your me time, or requiring new trainers and a lycra vest. The whole exercise routine is based around the office, so you can do it instead of work without ever leaving your desk and letting on that you're getting fit instead of getting the job done.

Some excellent office chair aerobics are included, as are self-massage tips (no, not that kind of self-massage, mucky brain) and some damn useful info on how to keep yourself alert and active in the workplace. Most of it is pretty obvious, once you're seen it within the app, but it's the kind of routine you'll be eager to work into your daily life with minimal effort.

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