HTC Titan II first look review round-up

Reviews Ben Griffin 14:36, 10 Jan 2012

We round-up all of the previews of HTC's forthcoming flagship Windows Phone, the Titan II

The original Titan really only has one competitor in the Windows Phone power stakes, and it's the Lumia 800. Maybe not for much longer, though, as HTC has unveiled what the Lumia 800's competition will be this year, and it looks like a strong challenger.

Yes, we're talking about the Titan II, a device that, in its original form, lived up to its name in a number of ways. But what do the critics think?

16-megapixel camera
The Titan II's biggest change, at least in terms of its innards, is the addition of a 16-megapixel camera. Website BGR said: 'Images taken with the camera were definitely impressive on the Titan's display,' but said direct comparision was impossible as they didn't have the original device on-hand.

UberGizmo noted the difference in camera megapixels was 8, but made the point more isn't necessarily better: 'Megapixels alone don't translate to quality.'

The Verge opted to critiscise the camera heavily, noting there was little visible difference in quality.

Engadget was extremely positive: 'We came away pretty impressed with the camera. Our test shots had tons of detail, with accurate colours and very little noise.'

Windows Phone and a meaty processor is a marriage made in heaven when it comes to silky smooth performance, and it looks as if the Titan II is no different.

BGR claimed the experience is 'unbelievably responsive and smooth,' and, 'among the best.'

UberGizmo reckons the difference in processing won't be massive, though, as the chipset is the same speed. The only difference is the chipset is made by Qualcomm, not Samsung. 

It's not all good news with the Titan, however. Gone is the aluminium body of the original. Instead you get soft touch plastic. It's probably lighter but given the choice, we'll take premium materials over one of Taiwan's biggest exports.

BGR seemed to agree, saying: 'We're definitely sorry to see it go.' BGR also noted the colour change from black to light grey.

Engadget aptly described the change: 'Gone is the rather elegant look and feel of its processor, along with the removable battery.' In the Titan II's defence, the battery is larger.

From the sound of things, the Titan II is going to be a joy to use if you like Windows Phone but won't feel quite as expensive in the hand. Of course, we'll reserve judgement on whether that's the case until our full review.

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