Windows Phone roadmap leak pegs Tango in Q2 and Apollo in Q4 of 2012

News 12:14, 29 Dec 2011

A leaked Microsoft roadmap shows the release schedule for Windows Phone builds in 2012

A leaked roadmap of Microsoft's plans for the Windows Phone platform has emerged via WMPoweruser.

The dedicated Windows Phone news site doesn't reveal sources for the leak so at this stage there's no vouching for its authenticity.

The roadmap presentation is certainly in keeping with Microsoft's Windows Phone visual design.

It's presented on a series of tiles in the Windows Phone Marketplace colour scheme and with the Windows font, but these factors alone don't really convince us this is necessarily the real deal, it could easily be a fabricated hoax from an anonymous prankster.

Taking it at face value for a moment, the most striking piece of news it offers is the relatively early release of Windows Phone Tango, which will allegedly cater to lower-spec budget Windows handsets.

Previously an approximate release date for this build was unclear and it was thought it may release later in the year alongside Apollo.

The main factor which makes this roadmap somewhat believeable is the fact that Apollo was previously rumoured for a fourth quarter 2012 release, so at the very least this correlates with what we've heard before.

Even so, we'd urge you to keep salt shakers at the ready for this one until we hear more solid announcements from Microsoft.

Microsoft is set to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2012, the company will have a booth and give a keynote speech for the last time and it seems likely Windows Phone announcements will be made then.

Source: WMPoweruser

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