Kindle for iOS updated to support PDFs, magazines and newspapers

News 12:30, 22 Dec 2011

Amazon has released an update for the official iOS Kindle app

Amazon has just updated its official Kindle app for iOS devices with support for PDF files.

Users are now able to email Adobe PDF files to their ‘Send-to-Kindle’ address which will allow the files to be loaded in the app.

Ars Technica reports: ‘Amazon also says it has added a PDF reader that will open PDFs from within Mail or Safari on the device, or PDFs transferred via iTunes’. Amazon stated this feature will include quick thumbnail navigation.

In addition, Amazon has added direct support for over 400 newspaper and magazine subscriptions with a completely updated UI for iPad, which has been designed to be more intuitive and less intrusive to your reading experience.

iPhone and iPod touch users will also see a redesigned library for easier use of integrated Newsstand, Kindle Books and Docs resources.

Ars Technica pointed out that The New York Times has restricted access to official Kindle devices only but so far this appears to be the only sub you cannot access on the newly updated app.

The new version has been uploaded to iTunes, you can download it straight away for free.

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