More apps and games on offer as part of Android '10 Billion Promo'

News Ben Griffin 14:57, 7 Dec 2011

It looks as if the 10 Billion Promo apps and games offer will be sticking around, as nine more examples have been found on the Android Market

It appears the 10 Billion Promo, which celebrates 10 billion downloads from the Android Market, will feature a number of new apps and games.

Nine new games and apps have been found on the Android Market with a 10p pricetag, EuroDroid reported, suggesting developers can opt-in for the promotion or Google will be changing the ten apps on offer in the near future.

Whatever the case, the important bit is you can buy some excellent titles for just ten shiny pennies, including the addictive fruit-fest Fruit Ninja, the brilliant Read It Later Pro and the rubber-burning extravaganza that is Reckless Racing.

Here's the list a EuroDroid reader created:

You may have noticed one inconsistency. Why are there nine titles and not ten like with the current offer? Well, we're not sure whether it's because the last one hasn't been found or because it's all dependent on the developers. If you have seen any other apps or games on offer, please get in touch.

Considering the quality of the list, it's definitely worth downloading them at the mad price of 10p while you still can.

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