Kindle Fire shipments expected to hit 3.9 million

News Ben Griffin 10:11, 5 Dec 2011

New estimates suggest the Amazon Kindle Fire will jump straight into second place behind Apple's iPad 2

New estimates suggest the Amazon Kindle Fire is going to be a roaring success.

IHS iSuppli predicts 3.9 million Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will ship in Q4 of 2011, making it second place in the tablet market after the iPad 2 and its 18.6 million shipments, TechCrunch reports.

Although trailing behind Apple, the estimates would make the Kindle Fire the biggest selling Android tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, which sits in third place, is expected to ship 1.4 million units in the same quarter.

The research also highlights an estimated decline in Apple's market share, but the drop isn't particularly dramatic - 69.7 per cent market share in Q3 of 2011 to 65.6 per cent in Q4.

As we saw with the HP TouchPad's firesale, price plays a massive part in the success of a device. The Kindle Fire retails for $200, which makes it hard to ignore.

If the device arrives in the UK for a similar price, we can expect the Amazon-enhanced device to make a killing. Whether it will outsell the iPad 2, though, is anyone's guess.

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