Huge iPhone 4S sales attributed to Siri

News Richard Goodwin 17:41, 2 Nov 2011

Siri said to be responsible for massive iPhone 4S sales, and not the dual core processor or 8-megapixel camera

Apple’s iPhone 4S, despite looking exactly the same as the iPhone 4, has been selling at a record rate. Apple claims it sold 4,000,000 units in the first two days. What that figure stands at now is anyone’s guess, but it’s probably exceptionally impressive.

But what’s behind the success of this device? What’s made it the fastest selling iPhone handset to date? It’s certainly not the design, which, as we said above, is identical to that of 2010’s iPhone 4. So what is it then?

Simple: It’s Siri - everybody wants a phone with Siri on it. At least that’s what one US-based analyst is claiming anyway, according to BGR.

‘Despite global macroeconomic headwinds, Apple continues to defy conventional wisdom with a higher-end product mix,’ said Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu in a note to investors.

He added: ‘Talking to industry sources, what’s driving the 4S is better than expected reception of its new Siri software.’

Wu admits there are other solutions out there, such as Bing Voice and Google’s offering, as well as Dragon Dictation, but claims that ‘what makes Siri unique and different is that its voice recognition works well (unlike competing solutions which are unreliable) and also offers artificial intelligence (AI) in helping interpret user commands and answer questions.’

It has nothing, of course, to do with Apple’s massive brand, well placed retail stores and large-scale marketing campaigns. That would just be silly.

Wu estimates that Apple will sell around 26 million iPhone 4S handsets in the December quarter of 2011, which is pretty impressive when you consider it’s taken Samsung nearly triple that to shift 30 million units of its Galaxy S2 device.

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