Details of Facebook’s Project Spartan momentarily leaked online

News Richard Goodwin 12:17, 30 Sep 2011

Details of Facebook’s HTML5-based Project Spartan momentarily appeared online, revealing screen shots of the new mobile application

Details of Facebook’s revamped mobile website were momentarily leaked online, revealing screenshots, functionality and features, before being pulled offline by the company.

Facebook’s mobile exec head-honcho Eric Tseng detailed the company’s intention to focus on using HTML5 for future updates. The reason? Simple: using HTML5 means the company doesn’t have to update individual applications for each platform – it’s a fix-all solution and something of a time-saver.

According to BGR, ‘Project Spartan is the fruit of those labours and it will be the social network’s attempt to the spill its games and applications into the mobile space.’ So is this the first step towards Facebook actually getting into the phone business? Maybe – that particular move has been rumoured to be on the cards for quite sometime.

Details of the new Facebook mobile site were originally posted on a Facebook developer page before being pulled. Fortunately, Tech-Crunch was on hand to grab some screen-shots.

‘From what I can tell from the screenshots,’ says Tech Crunch, ‘the app’s core components, icons for Bookmarks, Messages, Notifications, and Friend Requests, seem to match the screenshots of Project Spartan that we posted earlier this summer. As we’ve written in the past, Project Spartan is the HTML5-based mobile application platform that Facebook has been working on with 3rd party developers for a while now.

Facebook is reported to be officially announcing this new Project Spartan platform sometime next week.  

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