Stevie Wonder praises accessibility of iPad and iPhone

News Ben Griffin 09:50, 19 Sep 2011

The great Stevie Wonder has decided to vocalise his appreciation for the iPad, iPhone and Steve Jobs

You would expect Steve Jobs to receive praise from Stephen Fry and other celebrity tech enthusiasts but perhaps not from Motwown legends.

However, that hasn't stopped Stevie Wonder, who has been blind since shortly after birth, from praising the creator of the iPhone and iPad, The Next Web reported.

Playing a concert at the Echoplex nightclub in Los Angeles, the talented singer-songwriter temporarily stopped his show to give a shout-out to Steve Jobs, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for years.

Wonder told the crowd: 'I want you all to give a hand to someone that you know whose health is very bad at this time.

'His company took the challenge in making his technology accessible to everyone. In the spirit of caring and moving the world forward, Steve Jobs.'

The Superstitious singer also specifically praised iOS for its ease of use: 'Because there's nothing on the iPhone or the iPad that you can do that I can't do,' he added.

The original iPhone made accessibility for all users a top priority and the iPhone 4 continued that trend.

The VoiceOver function reads out a description of whatever your finger is hovering over and you can adjust the white-on-black contrast to make text easier to read. There are also other additions that make life easier for the disabled user.

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