Lenovo confirms £125 Android-powered 7-inch A1 tablet

News Richard Goodwin 12:16, 2 Sep 2011

Lenovo seems to have nailed the budget tablet market with the confirmation of its Android 2.3-powered £125 7-inch A1 tablet

Lenovo has just unveiled its 7-inch Android 2.3-powered A1 tablet device, which seeks to take control of the budget aspect of the market – and at just £125, Lenovo might just succeed.

Of course Lenovo, like any big corporate, is hedging its bets. We’ve already seen premium tablets from the PC maker in the form of the IdeaPad and the ThinkPad – both of which use Android Honeycomb.

Now the company is turning its attention to the highly lucrative budget end of the tablet market. But it’s doing so whilst not scrimping on the hardware, which is pretty aggressive behaviour – the vast majority of budget tablets are awful, after all.

But Lenovo’s A1 tablet, on paper at least, sounds very appealing. It’s got Android 2.3 at its core, a 1GHz CPU, dual cameras (both 3-megapixel), and a 7-inch 1024×600 resolution display – similar specs to Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Tab, which launched back in 2010.

The A1 will also feature a capacitive touchscreen as well, which we’re extremely glad about, as resistive displays on tablet devices are about as usual and welcome as a bag or poisonous spiders.

‘Lenovo busts out the color options for the IdeaPad Tablet A1,’ says PC World ‘with four separate offerings: white, black, pink, or light blue. The company talked up its magnesium alloy "roll cage" case design that protects the internal components with bumpers.’

It added: ‘It comes with 2GB of internal storage, though versions with higher capacity will be available. The microSD card slot allows expansion up to 32GB, and a micro-USB port makes it easy to side-load content via your PC.’

All in all, The Lenovo A1 sounds like a mightily impressive prospect – and at just £125 it’ll probably be a very attractive to many consumers. We’re very intrigued to see this tablet in action.

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