24 per cent of users bank from a mobile

News Ben Griffin 13:41, 19 Aug 2011

But most don't have any security measures in place, says anti virus solutions experts, BullGuard

Many of us bank from our smartphone, but according to BullGuard only 24 per cent of users have any form of security in place.

And over half of mobile users aren't even aware security solutions exist for mobiles.

Obviously BullGuard is keen to outline the dangers when its modus operandi is to sell anti virus solutions, but the inforgraphic handily illustrates ways in which you can limit the chances of an attack.

The company recommends:

  • Your OS is up to date at all times
  • You download apps from reputable vendors
  • You check app feedback before installing
  • You use a complex password
  • Turn off Bluetooth/other connections when not in use

Other useful advice like not banking when on a public Wi-Fi, leaving Wi-Fi ad-hoc mode on or leaving your phone unattended in a public place completes the things you should avoid doing.

Considering BullGuard believes 90 per cent of mobile devices will be enabled by 2014 and 87 per cent of smartphones access the internet or email from their phone, the risk of getting infected has increased. Thus there's certainly no harm in a little bit of education and precaution.

Mobiles are all fun and games until you end up buying someone else a fridge freezer.

The infographic goes into explaining the different types of attack, from trojans to man-in-the-middle attacks. It also points out 10 per cent of iPhone users settle for obvious passwords like 0000 and 1234, making them easy to get into.

Although we aren't about to say every phone user should run off and buy anti virus software for their phones, it's definitely worth keeping some of BullGuard's advice in mind, especially when up to 250,000 Android devices alone have been affected by Malware.

Be weary and you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Scroll down for the interesting but ultimately pessimistic view on mobile security.

Courtesy of: BullGuard.com

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