Best Android applications for the HTC Evo 3D

User guides 11:21, 27 Jun 2011

We take a look at a few applications your shiny new HTC Evo 3D should have included

Love it, hate it, or maybe you just can't see it all, 3D is the latest buzzword electronics firms are bandying around to peddle their wares. If it's not HD, it's 3D.

HTC has opted to base an entire phone on this most talked about bandwagon, which is why we decided to find the best applications for the Evo 3D that make use of its multi-dimensional ways.

Angry Birds 3D - Rovio Mobile

Those lovable birds migrate to just about any platform that will have them, which is great news for most of us. Reportedly, the next nesting area for the flightless bunch will be on 3D handsets, maybe even the Evo 3D.

If that turns out to be the case, it could be possible to see you 'flying' towards your foes in first-person mode. Or it could just mean the backgrounds appear to stand out a bit, which seems more likely.

With or without a unique 3D gameplay aspect added to Angry Birds, it's one application we will definitely be getting for our Evo 3D.

HTC Sense Weather App - HTC

Looking at weather forecasts must be up there with watching paint dry, but when you apply HTC's Sense looks and a smattering of 3D the result is anything but dull.

New animations apparently make it like you are there, braving the harsh UK elements, without actually getting soaked or losing half your bodyweight in sweat, as is the case at the moment.

At the end of the day, 3D weather reports are unlikely to blow the mind, but it's still a pretty cool feature to have.

Google Maps 3D

Okay, so this one may not be in the works just yet, but imagine it for a second.

A swipe of the finger would let you rotate around a 3D view of your local town, bringing it to life in scarily real fashion. It's like being there, only not.

Google home stalking will have never been so good.

3D Camera

It would be a shame to waste all that 3D technology and not have some sort of 3D camera to make your drunken night out images appear to have more depth.

Granted, there are already apps out there that do this job, but most feel more like an afterthought - a dedicated 3D camera app for the Evo 3D would be awesome, if a little pointless.

Well, you can't really frame this type of picture, can you?

Asphalt 5 - Gameloft

Racing games have strived towards realism for quite some time (we blame the Gran Turismo series), which is certainly no bad thing, but a few elements have kept them from totally immersing the player.

As amazing as it is to notice branding on the tyre wall on a highly detailed 3D car model, you are still looking at a flat display in your bedroom, office or lounge.

Whilst Gameloft's Asphalt 5 won't change the location where you play the game, although its mobile nature means you could be sat in a car or on a bus, it does add 3D to the racing genre, potentially immersing you further into the experience.

Alternatively, it could just give you the novelty of travel sickness without actually going anywhere...

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