Touchwiz 4.0 vs Sense 3.0

Vs Tony Crammond 09:07, 21 Jun 2011

We compare the latest version of HTC's popular Sense UI, version 3.0, with the most recent incarnation of Samsung's TouchWiz UI, version 4.0, to see which of these gleaming custom user interfaces brings the most functionality to the end user

Google's all conquering Android operating system has proven its worth time and again, allowing users to milk the very most out of their devices and providing a firm base for personalisation and indeed customisation.

But which custom user interface packs the biggest wallop? Is it Samsung's unfussy TouchWiz 4.0, or HTC's Sense UI 3.0, with its dazzling veneer and custom apps and widgets?

HTC's Sense UI is famed for its good looks and the trend continues with version 3.0.

As well as the neat custom HTC icons that we all know and love, you also get a new home-screen display that resembles a carousel, which spins around when you flick your finger across it (this gave us hours of pleasure when we first noticed it - simple things etc.).

There's also a new lock-screen which allows you to access your most used apps directly with a simple gesture and lush new transitions when you tap in and out of apps and widgets. In short, it's lush.

Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 is a little lacking in the visual department. Sure, it features custom icons and some nice new widgets but the general style that Samsung has chosen for the device looks, at best, a little bit Fisher Price.

Some of the stock widgets are nice, but when combined on your home screen look cluttered and if you're looking for anything resembling synergy you'll be out of luck.

Winner - HTC Sense UI 3.0

For all of TouchWiz 4.0 UI's visual shortcomings it is a practical UI to use every day.

Your key functions still appear at the bottom of your home screen as they did in previous versions of the software, but you can change the first 3 to suit your personal needs, which is very helpful.

Social network integration is also covered nicely and you can also make use of Samsung's 'hubs' to access on-demand content and manage your feeds.

The custom dialler features nice, well-spaced keys and smart dialling. Unfortunately the custom on-screen QWERTY is worse than useless though, but that needn't be a big deal because the fantastic Swype is included too!

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