Virgin Media slashes mobile tariffs, saves you £96 a year

News Richard Goodwin 12:53, 14 Apr 2011

Virgin Media has slashed its mobile tariffs by combining its home phone and mobile packages — users could save £96 a year, apparently

Virgin Media has confirmed that it’s slashing the prices of its mobile tariffs by combining its home phone and mobile packages together. The result? Potentially £96 a year in savings, says Virgin.

Here’s the official line from Virgin Media:

“From April 5th, Virgin Media is launching a range of special deals which combine Virgin Media home phone and Virgin Mobile services to create a powerful converged service.”

So what does this deal entail? Simple: free calls from Virgin landline phones to Virgin mobiles and access to a variety of Virgin Mobile offers that could save users up to ‘£192 across 24 months.’

Here’s how Virgin Media explains it:

“Virgin Media home phone customers taking either the ‘L’ (Talk Evenings and Weekends) or ‘XL’ (Talk Anytime) phone packages will be able take their pick of a range of exclusive offers providing up to £8 per month off their Virgin Mobile tariff.”

All sounds quite promising really. At least it does until you see some of the handsets Virgin has on offer – the HTC Desire, BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Samsung Galaxy Ace. Virgin describes these as the “hottest handsets on the market.” Unfortunately, they ain’t.

Having said that, if you’ve already got a handset you can just pick up a Virgin Media SIM-only tariff on a rolling 30-day contract.

“Having pioneered free calls from home phone to mobiles, we’ve been looking at new ways to help our customers save money, and our new combo deal means that staying in touch with friends and family has never been such good value,” Said Graeme Oxby, executive director of home phone and mobile at Virgin Media.

He added: “As a result of our unique quadplay offering, we are able to be much more innovative with our pricing and this is a great example of where we are able to provide our customers with a compelling way to get more for less.”


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