Android Market grows a staggering 861.5 per cent

News Ben Griffin 13:34, 21 Feb 2011

The Android Market has grown a staggering 861.5 per cent, but still only represents 4.7 per cent of the entire market

According to data from IHS, a worldwide research firm, Google's Android Market has grown 861.5 per cent since 2009.

However, hold the champagne Android fans. Google's Android Market comes in last place, representing just 4.7 per cent of the total app market - an increase on the 1.3 per cent it had in 2009.

Nokia's Ovi store also shared tremendous growth of 719.4 per cent, which ensured it just beat Google to 3rd place with a 2010 share of 4.9 per cent, up from 1.3.

It will come as no surprise to hear Apple dominates the world of apps, not just in terms of support but also in revenue. $1.7 billion dollars were generated in 2010, and the App Store now accounts for 82.7 per cent of the market.

Although a significant result for Apple, its market dominance dropped from 92.8 per cent. Hardly surprising, really, given the sheer number of sales of smartphones packing Android, Symbian or anything but iOS.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Windows Phone 7 doesn't make the list. It was a late entry to the party though, so we expect it to appear on the list next year, especially now that Nokia and Microsoft has reunited and its team-effort offerings will be arriving this year.

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