Creative ZiiO 7 Android 2.2 tablet detailed

News Richard Goodwin 09:23, 3 Nov 2010

Creative’s ZiiO 7 Android 2.2-powered tablet gets detailed — and it’s a lot cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tablets are big business these days and while Apple may dominate 95 per cent of the market this hasn’t stopped Creative wading in with its Android 2.2-powered ZiiO 7 device.

The ZiiO 7, with its Android OS, isn’t going to win over any Apple fan-bois but if you’re interested in getting yourself an Android tablet device and the Galaxy Tab is a little to dear for your liking the ZiiO 7 could very well be just what you’re looking for.

For starters, the ZiiO 7 is significantly cheaper than both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab at £199.

Pocket-Lint managed to snag a hands-on with the device and while the price may be low, this doesn’t mean that Creative has scrimped on the hardware.

The device is currently rocking Google’s Android 2.1 OS (Creative have promised a 2.2 update, though) a 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution display and there’s microSD card support (8GB or 16GB).

Unfortunately, the device, according to Pocket-Lint, is a little on the plasticky side – but for less than 200 notes, this is to be expected.

Other notable features include: Creative’s X-Fi technology that’s designed to improve the quality of audio playback, Bluetooth 2.1 for hooking it up with wireless speakers, as well as the apt-X codec, which brings with it promise of high fidelity, low latency audio performance over Bluetooth, according to P-L.

The device will also have HDMI support when it’s released and can support 720p video playback.

There will also be a dedicated ZiiStore, which will presumably run alongside the Android Market, on the ZiiO 7 device as well.

At present, though, there’s no official word on the ZiiO 7’s processor clock speed or how much RAM the device has – apparently, this is all going to be confirmed very soon.

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