Android apps coming to MeeGo-powered Nokia N9

News Richard Goodwin 14:02, 22 Jun 2011

Like the look of the Nokia N9 and MeeGo? Well, it’s just got a whole lot better with word that the device will run Android applications later in the year

The Nokia N9 will be able to run Android applications by the end of 2011.

The news comes via Slash Gear who reports that ‘Alien Dalvik allows app stores and developers to simply repackage the Android .apk installation files and then have those apps run on MeeGo hardware like the N9.’

The report continues: ‘Hardware capabilities of the device are accessible to the original Android app, and any more complex integrations can be tweaked to suit using the Android SDK plugin Myriad offers.’

Of course this is something RIM has been chatting about with its PlayBook device. It too has the capabilities to run Android applications – although RIM is being very tight-lipped about when this function will be added. It’s said to be coming sometime later this year.

According to Slash Gear, ‘Alien Dalvik will be commercially available for MeeGo sometime this year.’ But that’s not all. MeeGo is also reported to have its eyes on the motor sector as well and has already signed up BMW, GM, Hyundia, Renault, Deplhi and Peugeot-Citroen.

The Nokia N9, along with MeeGo was aired yesterday in Singapore at Nokia’s Connection 2011 event alongside some Symbian Anna news and a keynote from CEO Stephen Elop.

On the whole the N9 is quite the device. Not only is it remarkably different from the MacBook-like Qwerty-toting device we saw last year but it’s also rather unique looking too, being fashioned from a precision engineered piece of plastic.

Here’s a video demo of Android running on MeeGo:

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