Nokia Lumia 900 UK release date confirmed as May 14

News Paul Briden 13:11, 25 Apr 2012

Nokia has confirmed the Lumia 900 Windows Phone will hit UK shops in May, but a little later than we expected

Nokia has revealed it'll launch the Lumia 900, big brother to the Lumia 800, on May 14, according to reports.

The company spoke to The Verge and confirmed its latest Windows Phone powered handset will be coming to the UK soon, but also made the point that the US market is a priority.

Apparently there will be both black and white variants available and although that May 14 date is the target, Nokia's spokesperson allegedly said it could land a few days before or after that point.

Nokia said that its production facilities are currently churning out Lumia 900s at full capacity for US customers, such is the demand which company CEO Stephen Elop previously described as having ‘exceeded expectations'.

The Lumia 900 is essentially a blown-up Lumia 800 and features more or less the same spec line-up in a larger shell. This means you get a 1.4GHz Qualcomm single core processor, 512MB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

Of course, being a larger phone the screen is bigger too at 4.3-inches to the Lumia 800's 3.5-inches, but it features the same AMOLED  and ClearBlack screen tech, Corning Gorilla Glass and an 800x480 pixel WVGA resolution.

We'll be sure to get a review up as soon as possible.

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