Nokia N95 Video Calling

User guides 15:18, 21 Jun 2007

Call up friends and chat away face-to-face with video calling on the N95

The Nokia N95 features a secondary camera just above the screen for video calling, however, to use this application you must first invest in a USIM card (an advanced SIM used in 3G mobile phones) and be in the coverage of a UMTS (3G) network.

If you have all of the above requirements then making a Video Call to someone else also with all of the above technology is simple.

From the start-up screen:

  • Select the Main Menu button to the left of the directional keys
  • Select Contacts
  • Choose the contact you wish to participate in your Video Call
  • Select Options then scroll down and select Video Call

The Video Call may take a little time to you will see the message “Waiting for a video call” when the call is successful you will see two video images and hear sound through the loudspeaker.

You can then chat away. All video calls are charged at a video call rate. For more information of this contact your network provider. Not all network providers allow for video calls, but with the growth of in-built 3G this is slowly changing. If you want video calling as a main feature of your phone then check with the manufacturer and your provider that it is possible.

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