How to download and use YouTube on your Nokia N95 8GB

Setup 16:52, 1 Feb 2008

Set up your Nokia N95 8GB with YouTube for Mobile and you can search and view clips from tens of millions of videos - or upload your own mobile videos

Watching YouTube - it's what office work was invented for. But now you can get all those tens of millions of YouTube videos on your mobile, thanks to a neat new application - YouTube for Mobile.

Released in beta version at the end of January, the free YouTube for Mobile application is YouTube's latest and most sophisticated attempt to bring the desktop experience to over 100 million mobile phone users. While we've seen some limited YouTube offerings for mobile users before, including an Apple iPhone service, this new application opens up the mobile service much wider.

Not only can you search through tens of million millions of clips speedily and simply, viewing a huge range of video content, you can personalise your account from your phone, view favourites, rate clips, post comments and even upload your own videos straight from your phone.

Initially, the YouTube for Mobile service has been made available as a download for a limited selection of handsets (see for the latest details). Other similar handsets may also be able to support the service, albeit unofficially.

YouTube for Mobile is being rolled out in 17 countries (United States, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany and Russia), and in 11 languages (English, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, German and Russian).

Here we show you how to download and install YouTube for Mobile with your Nokia N95 8GB.

Note that if you're using the YouTube for Mobile application, to avoid racking up a huge data bill from all that streaming, you should ensure you are on a flat rate mobile network data plan.

Downloading and installing YouTube for Mobile

  • Press the main Menu button to the side of the central navigation key (Figure 1).
  • Scroll to highlight the Web icon (Figure 2). Press the central navigation key to select.
  • You must now type in the address of the YouTube for Mobile download site. Press any key on the numberpad to take you into the address bar at the bottom of the display. Press the C key to clear the default www. in the address bar. Type in the correct address, so you have in the address bar (Figure 3). Press the Go to softkey option.
  • Scroll down to highlight the appropriate internet access point you want to use (Figure 4). Press Select.
  • You are now on the YouTube download site. Scroll down to highlight the Download YouTube link (Figure 5). Press select.
  • The question Download and install 'YouTube'? appears onscreen (Figure 6). Press Yes.
  • Details of the application will appear onscreen (Figure 7). Press Continue.
  • You will given the option of where in the phone's memory you want to store the application. Highlight the one you want and press Select (Figure 8).
  • A progress bar shows the application downloading (Figure 9), and then installing (Figure 10). When it's finished, a pop up message onscreen tells you Installation complete
  • You must now exit the browser. Press Options. Scroll up or down to Exit (Figure 12). Press Select. You are now returned to the main Menu screen. (Figure 11).


Using YouTube for Mobile

  • To open YouTube, in the main Menu, scroll to highlight the Applications icon (Figure 13). Press the central navigation key to select.
  • Highlight the YouTube icon (Figure 14). Press select.
  • A message appears onscreen asking Allow application YouTube to use network and send or receive data? (Figure 15). Press Yes.
  • You will be presented onscreen with a list of internet access points (Figure 16). Highlight the appropriate for one you - either via mobile network or WLAN - and press Select.
  • A Terms of use list appears onscreen (Figure 17). Scroll down to read and if satisfied, press Accept.
  • A YouTube warning appears onscreen. This points out that the application uses large amounts of data suggests you check that your mobile phone tariff has a flat rate for data (Figure 18). Press OK.
  • You can now explore YouTube (Figure 19). As well the main panel options onscreen, you can press the Menu softkey to see extra options and fastkey shortcuts (Figure 20).

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