Top 10 free games downloads for Nokia N73

Themes 17:25, 7 Apr 2009

Get some gaming freebies here as we run down the Top 10 best free mobile games for the Nokia N73

If you want fun on the go, you don’t always have to pay for it. There are lots of great mobile games you can get off the net for free, and we’ve picked out 10 of the best for your Nokia N73.

We’ve tried to cover most gaming genres, whether you’re more into falling blocks or firing guns. Just click the title of each game and you’ll be re-directed to a game page where you’ll be able to download the game for your Nokia N73. For the latest mobile and iPhone games coverage, check out our mobile games channel.

Planet Riders 3D
Forget Wipeout, Planet Riders 3D is the definitive futuristic mobile racer. Take control of a jet powered hover ship and race against opponents across several worlds full of tracks. With multiple championships and full 3D graphics, Planet Riders brings out the gaming potential of any mobile phone

A next generation Tetris game, Flexis is a colour matching blocks game with a difference. It’s got a full physics engine within it, meaning that your blocks bounce off each other like rubber bouncing balls. Fast-paced and thoroughly addictive, Flexis is a must-have for any puzzle fan.

Tower Wars

The Tower Defence craze hasn’t passed mobile phones by, and Tower Wars is one of the best examples of the genre on mobile. Place your towers carefully and protect your castle from wave after wave of enemies. Boasting great graphics and an excellent tower upgrades system, Tower Wars will keep you amused for hours.

Deep 3D
A huge and engrossing adventure, you pilot a submarine around an underwater world in Deep 3D. You can play the game exactly as you wish, plundering enemy craft, fishing for trade or undertaking missions from the underwater stations. With dozens of hours of gameplay and the ability to buy new ships, weapons and fishing equipment, Deep 3D will keep you hooked.

Star Marine
If you love Aliens, you should get on just fine with Star Marine. After an alien invasion, you're left fending for yourself within a space station where almost all humans have already been wiped out. It's a top down strategy game where you'll have to keep your wits about you to avoid becoming alien chow.

Tank Raid 3D

Don’t you just wish you had your own tank? Traffic wouldn’t be an issue any more, and you could just park on top of cars rather than in between them. Since getting hold of one is unlikely, why not grab hold of Tank Raid 3D. It’s a cute 3D shooter where you get to drive a tank, blasting an army-full of enemies. Casual fun for all.

Rollercoaster Rush
A truly ingenious one-thumb game, Rollercoaster Rush lets you control a coaster full of theme park goers. Press ‘5’ to make the rollercoaster go faster, but watch out for some of your patrons might fall out. With dozens of tracks and a fully upgradeable coaster system, Rollercoaster Rush is a mobile gaming classic.

Darkest Fear 3
Few mobile games can genuinely cause fear, but Darkest Fear 3 is one of them. A horror adventure game packed with puzzles, you have to avoid the shadows to stay alive. Use light to your advantage to keep the night horrors at bay as you discover the mystery of Darkest Fear 3. The third instalment in mobile’s premier horror series, check out the previous two games for more top quality chills.

Townsmen 3
Townsmen 3 lets you run a whole community from your handset, and strangely enough it works! The Townsmen series is one of the most popular strategy series on mobile and has been going for absolutely ages. Build, manage and protect your city from its enemies, Townsmen 3 is a game with far more depth than your average mobile game.

Galaxy on Fire
Fly across the galaxy in this epic space adventure. Trade and fight your way to riches as you complete missions and explore over 500 different planets and space stations. After playing the intial 12 missions, you’re completely free to break away and do your own thing, whether that’s trading or just blasting away. Upgrade your ship, weapons and storage in this massive 3D space adventure.

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