Setting up email on your Nokia N73

Setup Editor 12:16, 14 Mar 2007

The ability to receive and send messages on your mobile can be very useful. Here's how to set up the Nokia N73 up for mobile email

If you use a POP3 email account such as a web based email or email provided by your Internet Service Provider, you can pick up messages to and send them from your phone. You might want to do this on a regular basis or just sometimes, but the procedure involved in setting up an account on the phone is the same.

If you find you have difficulty configuring all the necessary settings on your phone, you can visit Nokia’s online setup service at This provides standardised settings for many of Nokias phones and can automatically configure your phone via text message. You will need to supply some details about your Internet Service Provider and network operator.

Set up your mailbox
Tap the Nokia Menu Key and choose Message. Scroll down to Mailbox and click. You will be told ‘no mailbox defined. Define now?’ Choose Yes.

A wizard starts which walks you through the process. First choose Start with the left selection key. Choose your mailbox type using the scroll key and clicking to ensure the correct one is selected with a dot to the left of its name. If you have webmail or an email address from your Internet service provider, choose POP3. Click Next.

Type in your email address. Use the star key to pull up a symbols list so you can choose the ‘@’ symbol and the 1 key for the dot. Choose Next.

Enter your incoming mail server then choose Next and your outgoing mail server then choose Next. Now choose your ‘access point’. The choices will depend on which operator you are using at the time and you may need to ask your operator for the right information. You can get the phone to ask you every time if that might be useful. Make your selection then choose Next.

Now give this mailbox a name. Make it meaningful, something like ‘Yahoo email’ if your email provider is Yahoo, for example. When this has been entered choose Finish and you will be told ‘Mailbox setup complete. Settings can be viewed and edited in e-mail settings’. Click OK.

Personalise the settings
Now you need to tell the Nokia N73 how to behave when it is picking up and creating email.

When viewing the messaging main screen scroll to the mailbox you just set up and click it to open it. Now choose Options then E-mail settings. From here there are several sets of settings to make.

- Choose User settings.

  • In the space under My name type your own name. This will be used to identify you instead of your email address when the recipient device supports that.
  • Under Send Messages click the scroll key to choose between sending messages immediately they are created or at the next manual connection
  • Under Send copy to self click the scroll key to choose between copying yourself in to all emails sent or not
  • Under Include Signature click the scroll key to choose whether you want to include a pre-defined signature on all emails. If you choose yes, you are asked to define the signature now.
  • Under New email alerts click the scroll key to choose whether you want the N73 to tell you when new email has arrived. This is useful if you have chosen to retrieve emails automatically – see ‘automatic retrieval’ below.

- Choose Retrieval settings.

  • This is where you tell the phone how much of each email to retrieve. You might want to retrieve less if you think you will end up spending a lot on connection time. The choices are; to retrieve headers only, to set a size limit on downloads, or to retrieve messages and their attachments.

- Choose Automatic Retrieval.

  • If you need to get your email regularly then you can set up the phone to pick up messages at regular intervals. Choose Disabled if you want to pick up email manually

- Choose Connection settings.

  • Here you can change any of the basic email settings such as incoming and outgoing email servers and can give the phone your login password

Check out our Internet Settings page here

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