Web browsing on your N70

Setup Editor 14:39, 13 Mar 2007

As a 3G phone the Nokia N70 has plenty of potential for mobile Web browsing. Learn to make the most of it and the world wide web is your oyster

Web browsing on the small screen of a mobile phone might not sound like a great idea, but there can be times when you are out and about that it can come in really handy.

To make the most of the Web browser on the Nokia N73 it is worth learning about a few fundamentals such as visiting Web sites and using bookmarks.

First let’s look at how you actually get to a Web page.

Start the Web browser running by pressing the Nokia Menu Key to the left of the 1 and 4 keys and using the navigation key to scroll to Web then press the navigation key to select it.

Next use the number pad to enter a Web site address. You don’t need to enter the ‘www’ part. Use the 1 key to get the dot between each element of the address.

When you’ve typed the complete address press the left selection key to Go to the Web site. If the phone says ‘Connection to server needed. Connect?’ choose Yes by pressing the left Selection key. There may be a short wait while the phone tells you it is connecting, then your Web page will load.

Take a look at our Internet Settings page here 

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