Guide: How to set a lock screen password on your Nokia Lumia 800

User guides 15:57, 7 Dec 2011

We take you through the steps necessary to set up a secure lock-screen password on your Nokia Lumia 800

Security is important on any smartphone and having a password can mean the difference between keeping all your data and information private and having it completely compromised. It's worth having a lock password in case your handset is lost or stolen.

In this quick tutorial we'll show you how to set up a password on your Nokia Lumia 800.

  1. From the main menu either swipe right-to-left on the touchscreen or press the right arrow button on the top right of the interface.
  2. Scroll through the icons until you get to the ‘Settings’ menu. Then, tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
  3. Select ‘Lock + Wallpaper’
  4. Flick the ‘Password’ setting toggle to the right to switch password mode on. The status should read ‘On’ and the toggle will fill with colour.
  5. Tap ‘Change Password’ button.
  6. Enter a password. You will need to enter it twice and it only works with numbers. If you already have a password you will need to enter it first.
  7. Press ‘Done’.

Back in the ‘Lock + Wallpaper’ screen there is a setting beneath the ‘Change Password’ box which says ‘Require a password after.’ You can select from a drop-down list how often the phone will require you to enter your password.

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