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Themes 18:25, 4 Jul 2008

Why spend money when you can get so many great games for free? Check out the best there is for the Nokia 6500 Slide

Being the Hulk means only one thing...getting seriously angry! This tie-in game to the recently released Incredible Hulk film features the likeness of actor Edward Norton himself, very swish! Players need to utilise the brute strength of the Hulk to stop Sgt Blonsky's evil plans. The game gives plenty of on-screen instructions in order to kill Sgt Blonsky's soldiers by any means possible, fight away and enjoy!
Download The Incredible Hulk

Becoome the next British tennis hopeful as you play Roger Federer's Tennis Open. This simple game allows you to pick you character and country you wish to represent. Players then complete training before going on a World Tour, taking on some of the biggest names in Tennis during world class tournaments. This truly addictive game will have you rising up the ranking tables to become a class player.
Download Roger Federer's Tennis Open

Its cricket season! And its holiday season so why not play Shane Warne's Beach Cricket on your 6500 Slide mobile phone? This fun game enables the player to eithher bat or bowl with fictitous friends on an Ozzie beach whilst keeping track of your score. This may not be the most complex of games but its an effective way to while away a bored train or bus journey in a colourful way.
Download Shane Warne Beach Cricket

'American Gangster' the game, is as you can imagine a tie in to the film of the same name. You are Frank Lucas as he aims to create a name for himself on the mean streets of Harlem. You are assigned various tasks that you must complete if you are to make your way to the top of the food chain. Playing this nicely designed game is remiscent of playing Grand Theft Auto circa 1997, and its all the better for it!
Download American Gangster

This mobile phone version of hit film and video game is a fantastic little game. You, the Hitman are on a mission in a Las Vegas casino.The game talks you through various pointers, like acquiring various disguises and weapons, gaining admittance to places and ultimately completing the hit. With great graphics, players are guranteed to get sucked in to this multi-layered game.
Download Hitman Blood Money Vegas 2008

UK teams may not have made it into Euro 2008 but why let that stop you from thinking you can do better then the current England manager? Football Manager 2008 allows players to manage a team for a eason, recruiting players and creating a tactical approach to games by changing player formations and increasing or decreasing player aggression, see if you and your players can have a triumphant season!
Download Football Manager 2008

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