Apple iPhone theme for the Nokia 6500 Classic

Themes 13:12, 13 Jun 2008

Download this great Apple iPhone theme and add some Steve Jobs-style panache to the interface on your Nokia 6500 Classic

The Apple iPhone has been one of the most-hyped mobile devices of all time. And with the 3G version about to be launched the marketing machine is starting up all over again.

But now you don't have to tie yourself in to O2 for 18 months to bathe in some of its reflected glory - you can simply download and install this stunning new Apple iPhone theme for your Nokia 6500 Slide.

iPhone V is an incredibly well put-together Nokia 6500 Slide theme which brings the iPhone look and feel to your handset. The icons are pixel perfect, the wallpapers are authentically 'lickable' and you can even treat your eyes to the the iPhone's distinctive marimba-based ringtone.

The theme comes with full instructions and a vast range of alternative wallpapers - including the Finding Nemo-inspired clownfish background.

Download the Apple iPhone theme for the Nokia 6500 Classic (6.6MB)

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