Free abstract themes for the Nokia 6300

Themes 18:45, 13 Jul 2007

Want a new theme for your Nokia 6300 but not keen on music or movie stars? Enter our gallery of the artiest free downloads available

There are hundreds of free themes available for your Nokia 6300, but if you don't want to show off your favourite band, film or babe to the masses, there are plenty of artistic themes to download.

Nokia's 8600 Luna comes with four stunning abstract themes that complement its design, but why not add some style to your 6300? Here are some of our favourites...

Mosaik - A multi-coloured swatch shop for your mobile. Even the menu icons get a respray, though pink may not be your idea of style.

Dark Pastel - This slate-hued desktop would even look good on a Luna. As stylish as they come.

Red Art - This swirly theme may be called Red Art, but to us it looks like melting chocolate. Download and dive in...

Pencils - A comprehensive set of bright desktops, buttons and other surprises. Not strictly abstract but colourful, pretty and nostalgic if you used to keep your pencil box in perfect rainbow order. Oh, that was just us then...

Blue Swirl - Look into my eyes, not around the eyes etc. A hypnotising, animated pattern that may have you falling asleep before you've had time to answer the phone.

Gold Silkstream - Smooth, stylish and shimmering like a fine silk dress. We really should write those M&S adverts, y'know.

Orange & Blue - Does what it says on the tin, but with abstract style that'll really show off those 16.7 million colours.

Animated Neon - A rainbow of colour shimmers on the screen. It's the northern lights on your mobile, without the expensive Norwegian beer.

Fresh - Try downloading this without your mouth watering. Cold, cool droplets of water like something from a beer advert, and in a range of colours.

Lillaverde - One of many subtle flowery themes available to download, this one doesn't make your screen unreadable though.

Red Feather - A different scarlet plume for every screen. Simple but stunningly effective.

Green Art - A swirly earth-toned desktop comes to life with a palette of colourful menu buttons.

Green Floral - This must be our green period. Swirly earthy green background complemented by more original menu buttons.

Animated Cubes - Like a seventies disco floor, white and blue lights pulse away on your mobile desktop.

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