Set up an automatic keypad lock on the 6300

User guides 16:00, 5 Jun 2007

Are you always forgetting to lock your phone keypad? Do your friends have to listen to five-minute messages containing nothing but your footsteps? Help is at hand...

If you're using the Security keyguard but forgot to lock your 6300, an expensive call or web session could be initiated if the phone keys are pressed accidentally in your pocket.

To stop this happening, use the 6300's Automatic keyguard, which locks the phone after a set amount of idle time.

To set this, go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Automatic keyguard. Click Select and select On. You'll be prompted to set a time delay - this is the time after which an idle keypad will lock, and will remain locked, until the Security keyguard PIN is entered.

An idle keypad will lock even when in Active standby mode, so you won't be locked out when pausing for thought while texting. Set the delay to your desired time (10 seconds is a suitable delay) and click OK. You'll see the message 'Automatic keyguard on'.

Now when your phone is left in Standby mode, the keypad will always lock after the requested time.

To unlock the keypad when it has locked automatically, click the middle selection button (that's the big square one in the middle of the keypad) and, in time-honoured Nokia fashion, click the * key.

Use this in combination with the Security keyguard and you'll never make costly accidental calls again.

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