Nokia takes aim at Spotify with £3.99 music service

News Richard Goodwin 10:59, 28 Jan 2013

Nokia’s Music+ service is coming in Q1 2013, bringing Spotify-like functionality to smartphones and tablets for just £3.99 a month

Nokia has just announced a rather significant update to its Nokia Music service, which brings a host of new features including unlimited tracks and offline listening to Lumia-brand handsets.

Known as Nokia Music+, the subscription-based music service is a similar offering to what you get once you’re subscribed to Spotify’s premium service, which conveniently isn’t available for Windows Phone forcing users on Microsoft and Nokia’s competing services.  

The main difference between the Spotify and Nokia Music+ is how much they cost. Nokia Music+ costs just £3.99 a month, while Spotify Premium and Microsoft’s Xbox Music are both a lot more expensive at just under £10 a month, respectively.

Nokia Music+ will feature the following features, according to Nokia:

  • The ability to download unlimited mixes for offline playback
  • Unlimited track skips providing greater opportunities to self-curate streamed music
  • The option to select higher quality audio when connecting via Wi-Fi
  • Lyric streaming for many tracks
  • Listen to Nokia Music via Internet-enabled devices including pc or tablet

‘By removing barriers like adverts and sign-ins, Nokia Music makes it easy for users to discover and enjoy music on the go. Nokia Music+ now provides increased control over the listening experience at half the cost of many third party services,’ said Jyrki Rosenberg, VP for Entertainment at Nokia.

‘Nokia has been in music for longer than most device manufacturers. Its commitment to music is genuine and its music products are really working for consumers. I'm very excited by the new functionality and curation offered in its service upgrades, these new elements really help Nokia differentiate from its competition,’ said Rob Wells, President, Global Digital Business, Universal Music.

Nokia Music+ will be available to Nokia Lumia owners as a paid for update to the existing free service. It will be rolling out in the first quarter of 2013 priced at £3.99.

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