Nokia Windows Phone 8 display panel leak

News Paul Briden 18:15, 14 Aug 2012

A leaked photo shows the display panel of a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device which may be in development

A photo has emerged online of what may be a display reference for a forthcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

The screen surround sports the Nokia logo at the top and the new Windows Phone 8 logo at the bottom, there’s also a light sensor port and a speaker port. It appears to be buttonless, which also fits with Windows Phone 8’s new interface features.

The space for the display measures 4.3-inches and could mean that, whatever device this is, will have a 720p touchscreen, the new top-end resolution allowed by Windows Phone 8.

The leak follows reports that Nokia’s new flagship is codenamed the Nokia Phi, though that name is expected to change for the launch. It’s allegedly very similar in design to the Lumia 900 and may either feature a 4.3-inch display (as the Lumia 900 does) or a slightly larger 4.5-inch one.

Rumours claim it’ll arrive, possibly along with other Lumia Windows Phone 8 models, as early as September.

Certainly this new front panel doesn’t look much like a Lumia 900 part, so it’s probably from another model and with the curved edges may be part of a plastic mid-range model, similar to the company’s Lumia 710 and Lumia 610 on Windows Phone 7.

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