Nokia reveals its cheapest handset yet

News Ben Griffin 16:37, 10 Apr 2012

A new device has been announced for the Nigerian market, which will set you back around $23 - about £14.50

Nokia has announced the release of a sub-$25 dollar mobile phone, indicating the smartphone manufacturer's interest in catering for all markets.

We probably won't see the Nokia 103 in the UK, and that's a bit of a shame considering ultra-budget devices are hard to come by, not to mention many of us still see a phone as just a way of texting and calling people - nothing more, nothing less.

Okay, so the 103 is more likely to transform into a mechanical winged demon than it is to win any style awards, but a touch of blue and orange (blorange, as we like to call it) ensures it isn't the worst phone we've seen. Dare we say it, it's almost likable.

Because it's incredibly cheap, don't think you will be getting anything remotely like the Android operating system here. It has buttons for numbers and letters, a very basic, black and white 1.36-inch screen and a battery life that's probably measured in months instead of days.

However, the 103 does have a couple of party tricks. It's dust resistant, for starters, and comes with an 'anti-scratch' cover. It even has a flashlight and FM radio if you add a headset. All for under $25.

The Samsung Galaxy S III won't be having any sleepless nights over the launch of the Nokia 103 in Nigeria but the implications of such a cheap handset are far more profound in countries where the dream of owning something as luxurious as the iPhone will likely remain just that, a dream.

Source: IntoMobile

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