Nokia allegedly readying 10-inch Windows 8 tablet

News Richard Goodwin 11:06, 12 Mar 2012

Nokia is said to be readying a 10-inch Windows 8-powered tablet, according to supply chain watchdogs in Asia

Is Nokia readying a 10-inch Windows 8-powered tablet for release in Q4 of 2012?

According to reports from inside Asia, Nokia is ramping up to start production on a 10-inch Windows 8-powered tablet device that the company plans on releasing in Q4 of 2012.

The news comes via DigiTimes, the hit-and-miss rumour mill supply chain watchdog website, which reported the following:

‘Nokia will team up with Microsoft to venture into the tablet PC market by releasing a 10-inch Windows 8-based tablet PC set on Qualcomm's dual-core platform in the fourth quarter of 2012 at the earliest.’

It added: ‘Nokia is expected to outsource production of the 10-inch tablets to Compal Electronics with the first batch of shipments to top 200,000 units.’

Nokia has officially played down any reports that it is working on a tablet, preferring instead to tease with cryptic statements like the one Pocket-Lint got from Niklas Savander, an executive vice-president at Nokia, at this year’s MWC 2012:

‘The tablet is an interesting market for someone like Nokia because it is not cannibalising handset sales, it is cannibalising PC sales.’

Savander added: ‘If we are going to be in that market we need to have a different point of view, because being the 101st maker isn't really a commercial or consumer proposition.’

So is Nokia working on a tablet? We don’t know for sure and neither does DigiTimes, we’d wager, for that matter. But a Windows 8-powered Nokia device is certainly a very interesting proposition, especially given how successful the partnership has been thus far between Microsoft and Nokia.

Only time will tell with this one, we’re afraid. But if Nokia were looking to release a tablet this year, Q4 would be the ideal time to unleash one, as the hype surrounding the new iPad will have simmered down and Microsoft’s Windows 8 marketing campaign will have shifted into top gear.

More news as we get it.  

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